Global Read Aloud

Hi Everyone!

At school we have just started this program called global read aloud. This is a program where classes from all over the world read the same book at the same time. We are grouped up with a school from America and one from Canada. Each week we agree to read a certain amount of chapters and they get read aloud to us by our teacher. Then we discuss it with the other classes on Edmodo. Edmodo is a social networking site that is controlled by the teachers that we can use to connect to classes all over the world.


If you are doing this, leave a comment and tell me about your experiences and how you find it so far.

I am really enjoying it and I think it’s a great idea.



Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting riddles on my blog. I will post the answer a week later but if you think you know the answer leave a comment with what you think it is.









This weeks riddle is, what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?


Zoerose’s Bookshelf: Ranger’s Apprentice

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote a book review so I thought I should write one now. I’ve decided to write about the ranger’s apprentice series by john Flanagan. The ranger’s apprentice is my favorite series of books ever and this blog is called the writer’s apprentice which is named after the ranger’s apprentice.

The ranger’s apprentice series is a series of eleven books (Soon to be twelve) and the first book is called the ruins of Gorlan. They are medieval fantasy books with mythical creatures but set in medieval England.

The main character is called Will and he is an orphan. He was found at the ward steps as a baby and no one knew who his parents had been. When Will turns 16 he and everyone else turning 16 in the ward goes to a choosing ceremony. This is when the wards get to choose a future for themselves by choosing what they want to do and be, such as a cook in the castle kitchen or a knight in the battle school.


Sword designed by Javier Sánchez from The Noun Project



Will wants to be a knight but the odds are sorely against him as he isn’t strong and is really small. Finally he gets accepted by the grim faced ranger called Halt. But being a ranger’s Apprentice is nothing like he expected.





Arrow designed by Olaus Linn from The Noun Project


Picture Book Study

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wanted to write a picture book or novel?

As part of the year 6 English course this year we have to do just that. This term and for some of next term we have to plan, write illustrate and self publish our own picture book. At the moment we are reading lots of different picture books and answering questions on them to help us work out what we should write about and how to do it. We are in the planning stage at the moment and we are having to think about what we want out story to be about. Then later on we are going to map out our story and start thinking about what illustartions we want.





Picture from:

We can do a lot of different things for the illustrations. Some people are going to hand draw theirs and other’s are going to use photo shop and other online programs to make their pictures.



Hi Everyone,

Recently I have found a new site called instagrok. It is a great way of searching the web. When you search for something on instagrok it puts all your results into a bubble map. You can then delete bubbles and pin sites to your bubble map. You can add notes and also change the difficulty of the information.

It’s a great way to research and I highly recommend it.


Sorting Rubbish

Hey Everyone!

This week at school all of year 6 sorted through the rubbish.

We got out all the bins and emptied them onto tarpaulins. We found lots of really interesting data. We found 25 pieces of whole fruit that had not been eaten at all. We also found about 20 kilos of compostable rubbish. We sorted the rubbish into different piles like non-recyclable plastic and recyclable plastic. We also found heaps of juice poppers and other things like that.

All of year 6 was really amazed at the quantity of rubbish that was only 2 days worth.

We made graphs and took heaps of photos to record all of our findings. Here are some of our photos.



You Can Help Save Energy!

Hey Everyone!

So at the moment I’ve just started a school project to change my family’s habits in saving energy. Everyone in the class had to choose a topic or area to make a difference in. We then had to write a proposal.

So, I decided to help my family to save energy. In my proposal I also decided to raise awareness about energy usage. So I hope this blog post will help you guys to realize that you can make a difference in you environment by saving energy in your home or office.

I thought that is this blogs post I could give you some tips in hoe you can save energy.

  1. Always try to turn the lights off in each room after you leave.
  2. Try and have shorter showers. (Showers use up quite a lot of energy so this will help)
  3. Turn of appliances at the wall. (Unless things are charging or you need things to be on at the moment turn of the power and the power point instead of just putting things on standby)
  4. If you can, get LED light bulbs installed in your house. They work as well as normal lights and they use a lot less energy.

All these things really help to save energy and the more people who do it the more of a difference we can make.

Although these things will be hard to change but you can make new habits and it’s defiantly worth it in the long run.


My New Blog Pet

Hi Everyone!

I am going to get a pet for my blog from bunny hero labs but I don’t know what pet that I should get. So I need your help.

If you have any ideas for a pet that I should get could you leave a comment?

You could also give me an idea for a name which would be helpful.

If you want to make a blog pet to here is the link to the site where you can make one.


Zoerose’s Bookshelf: The city of Ember

Hi Everyone!

This term in novel studies we have been reading the city of Ember by Jeannne DuPrau. I really loved it. The book had a great plot and built heaps of suspense.

The main plot is that there are these people called the builders and they built an underground city. They put instructions to escape into a box and they put a timed lock on it to make sure it opens after 200 years so that the people of Ember can escape. Then they gave the box to the first Mayor of Ember who gave it to the second Mayor and so on. But no one knew what was in the box. But the 7th Mayor lost the box and died before he could tell anyone. This is the set up for the start of the book. Then the box opens but no one knows as the box is at the back of the closet.

Ember is now completely run down as no one knows how to get out and the builders didn’t plan for them to be in for so long. The main character manages to find the instructions after they have been completely chewed up by her sister. Lina has to work out what the instructions are for to help save the city.

Can Lina work out what the instructions say or will ember run out of power and food first?


Earth Hour

Hi Everyone!
A few days ago my school participated in earth hour. As we walked into school we each got and Earth hour sticker as shown below.


When we went into class all the lights had been turned off but luckily it wasn’t pitch black as we still had light coming through the windows. The whole school turned of all their lights for an hour to participate in earth hour.

Earth hour in itself doesn’t really achieve very much but we just participate in it to make us think more about conserving energy and power.